People Watching – Hamburg, Germany

One of my favorite pastimes – people watching. It’s the New Yorker in me. So I skipped out on the latter part of the Facebook Developer Garage, found a square, ordered some decaf coffee (bc the two redbulls I already had to rid the jetlag are kicking in)… and now – just watching and writing.

Like this dude…

The weather is beautiful in Hamburg and the city is adorable. Shops everywhere – brand names galore and an H&M on every other block. Cafes everywhere and the architecture is simple (a.k.a. nothing spectacular seen so far but a nice dichotomy of old and new buildings).

(rough translation of the monument: 40,000 sons of the city died because of the World War 1914-1918 )

Yesterday, near the Park Hyatt, I found Asia row –

We’re everywhere!

I also found a Lego store that had lego keychains of batgirl/batman, harry potter, r2d2 and UK policemen… no pictures allowed. Boo!

On my random walk around the city I got excited because I found a vintage store with the most amazing hats… and then I tried them on and they didn’t fit – is my head larger than the average European?

(bobble head photo of janetti courtesy of hustlerofculture flickr stream – austin, tx, 2008 )

note – Zeke is not allowed to make comments on this part of the post.

~ ~ ~

Had a great meeting with two of my Expo Europe advisory board members earlier today, Bjoern Negelmann of Kongress Media + Nicole Simon avid blogger, Web enthusiast and community evangelist. But with every great meeting comes great amounts of follow up… so now that my cup is empty – headed back to do some work before the Hamburg bloggers dinner tonight.

* Hamburg, Germany

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