Dim Sum in Hamburg at 1 am?

Just got back to hotel after a fabulous evening of late night dim sum (yes, dim sum in Hamburg!) and conversation… talking about blogging, virtual relationships (did you water the plants before taking off 5,000 miles) and reality vs. media misinterpretation…

My dinner partners were Werner Vogel aka CTO of Amazon and 10 year Cornell U. educator, Salim Ismail – a global serial entrepreneur who previously ran Yahoo! Brickhouse (Yahoo!’s idea incubator) and Markus Fuhrmann, a Vienna-born, Shanghai-based encyclopedia of tech knowledge.

I asked about the secret to blogging… and the answer was: just write, and be yourself.

Meaning, be natural and honest, post what is interesting to you (me) and over time, you’ll find your voice.


I rushed excitedly to post.

Because even though whoever is reading this may not find value in the moment I’m trying to capture… what I’m realizing is that this blog is for me. And years from now, I want to remember that you can find dim sum in Hamburg (across the street from Neid Klub, Reeperbahn 25, 20359 Hamburg)… from an old Chinese man who will lecture the CTO of Amazon that he forgot to cross his 7 on the tip line in the way of the Germans.


* Park Hyatt, Hamburg, Germany

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One Response to Dim Sum in Hamburg at 1 am?

  1. Justin says:

    you got the touch! you got the power!

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