Grandmother’s Cooking.

I went down to LA a few weeks back and spent some time with my darling grandmother. She may be 83 years old but as weird as this sounds, she’s sometimes more like a teenage sister to me. We shop, eat, swap dating escapades and share stories of the good, the bad and the ugly… and vow to keep our West Coast secrets from my parents back home. I love it. I love her.

My grandmother is a fantastic cook – and the biggest joy I get is eating the fruits of her labor. She’s been feeding me since I was a little girl in Brooklyn… through high school after-volleyball hunger rages in the Bronx and kept me (and my friends) fed through grad school in LA.

As she gets older and her movements a bit slower, I appreciate even more the amount of prep that goes into the creation of a simple, home-cooked Korean meal.

This was the personal dinner table she set up for me when I went to visit.


*Bone marrow soup (simmered over 2 days)

*Redondo Beach crab fried in eggs

*Seafood bindaeduck (bean-based Korean pancake)

*Fried red croacker

*Radish kimchee

*White rice w/beans

*Salted, dried sea weed

*Fresh red lettuce (picked from her neighbor’s garden)

*Red pepper/sesame oil dipping paste

That day, I feasted. Thank you grandma.

With utmost love and respect

~ me

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