my European adventure: London

I’m hitting the tail end of my 2 week, 4 country European extravaganza…

– Barcelona site visits for Web2Expo Europe 2009

– London meetup, meetings and one intense 7-hr board meeting

– Paris to represent at the first Ignite event… @Philj you did a FABULOUS job! Congrats and keep ’em coming

– Copenhagen for Reboot10

There’s so much I want to share… I told myself I’d stop writing posts in my head and actually get them on ‘paper’ but I’ve been toggling between busy, lazy and frustrated with my internet connections.

But now after a hot shower and some street-bought strawberries for breakfast I’m happily camped out at the Axel Hotel Guldsmeden in Copenhagen.

Here are some highlights from London:

Bond / Oxford Street fruit stand that appeared like an Oasis to my just-landed hunger

Our makeshift war room at Dopplr / Moo HQ – thanks for hosting gentlemen

Who attended? @blackbeltjones @swardley @tomraftery @brady @pahlkadot @monkchips @bn_at_twitter + gregor hochmuth

Who couldn’t make it but helped tons? See here for full advisory board listing. 🙂




And after some well-deserved beers in Hoxton Square, Simon Wardley and I pitstopped here –

where I pimped out Web2Expo a bit and found this lil bit ‘o geek cool –

created by Gervase Markham, Loose Cannon, Mozilla Foundation

I also went on a personal pilgrimage to my old London hood in search of steak pie.

Hey NYU folks – remember this place? Well, unfortunately the menu changed and gone was the soft crusted, no liver pie – so I went away hungry.


But even without steak pie – London was a great trip.


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One Response to my European adventure: London

  1. clarify says:

    THE BLUE POST. our old stomping grounds. why am i just seeing this now? i’m sad about the menu change- their steak pie was THE best.

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