the addictive web.

it’s interesting that people find it difficult to disconnect.

‘go off the grid’

‘radio silence’

‘turn off’


i love it.

more people should do it.

it’s fabulous to embrace the web, internet, interwebs.

but it’s also important (really important) to explore green grass and hidden walkways.

balance is key.


take your cat for a walk

run through central park

discover the neutra house in silverlake

eat crab sandwiches at fisherman’s wharf

buy silk in phuket

climb wooden steps through bamboo forrests

sing drunken karaoke with friends that last a lifetime

experience rainstorms so strong, it hits you horizontally

enjoy gluttonous amounts of funions and diet coke

take tons of cheezy family photos

laugh at really good jokes… and a few bad ones too

appreciate the present

show love to the ones you love

work hard but smart

and remember to kill the world with kindness

kharma reigns.

~ janetti, sf

About janetti !

curious curious curious.
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