road trip. status update.

Day 1: Tuesday, 7/29

Traveling with my SF roommate and NY homie, Justin Clemons – we are moving him to Brooklyn and me to the Bronx.

Loaded with almost everything we own packed in my ’99 Jetta (minus a few postal boxes of items we shipped) we left San Francisco via the Bay Bridge to the I-80 East. Straight. Our goal was the 650ish mile stretch to Salt Lake City.

Just north of Winnemucca, NV we ended up with a flat tire and needed a tow to get it changed and a new full-sized spare (for any future emergencies).

I was advised to pick up trinkets along the trip – fresh tires from Winnemucca. Check!

After about a 4 hour delay and a beautiful roadside sunset, we continue onward to Wendover, the last city in Nevada before the Utah border. We arrive just before 1 am Mountain Time.

On the dark road it appeared like a neon oasis. A mini-casino town, we see flashing lights and billboards that read: Wendover Golden Nugget $45 a night. Justin stalls, I say we go for it!

And just as we’re about to check in the lights to the entire city shut off. WTF? Scheduled breaker replacement. Wendover’s power goes down and we check in to a pitch black room, in a dark city.

Justin hunts down food and finds $8.95 surf and turf. He passes.

Janetti sleeps.

A long day complete.

States: California and Nevada

Day 2: Wednesday, 7/30

The power to our room in Wendover went back on around 4 am. Fan kicks in to cover the whirr of trucks we had to listen to all night, having left the window open for some air in Tower Room 609 (non-smoking, double queens).

After some Starbucks and a moment of panic when I realized my laptop would not turn on we readjust our plan and hit the road. 2 minutes later, while I’m tweeting our ‘on the road again’ status – Welcome to Utah!

Wow – I could have thrown a rock into Utah from dear old Wendover.

Cruise through Salt Lake City on the I-80 and hit the I-15 North – it goes straight up through Idaho. We’re on our way to Yellowstone National Park, which sits in the NorthWest corner of Wyoming, bordering Idaho and Montana.

A quick refueling of both us and the car in classic American style – the fantastic Idaho Falls Olive Garden – we hop on Route 20 East which should take us straight to Yellowstone’s West Entrance.

“Visitors Center” Rock!

Starting this trip, we had a general road map but no reservations, no deadlines and no GPS.

Justin and I are moving speedily across the country with one Google Map printout of our route, a 2008 Rand McNally US Atlas, Blackberry, iPhone and the kind help of truck stop strangers and the free maps from Montana’s West Yellowstone Visitors Center.

We loaded up on maps for Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore/Badlads, Wyoming and South Dakota.

Bought some trinkets, beer and barbeque.

States: Utah, Idaho, Montana

~ ~ ~

I’m twitpic-ing what I can off my twitter account ( – @Janerri) but otherwise the click, load and get up on a blog is not working out so well. But take a look at Justin’s flickr-supported blog postings to follow our trail –

Images, video and more stories to come.

5:39 am, West Yellowstone, Montana

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  1. Mike says:

    moving to new york? why?????????? glutton for punishment? people are fleeing that over-taxed and government run hell zone.

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