McCarren Park Pool Party, Brooklyn

jotting off a quick note to say that I had one of the best NYC weekends ever! hung with folks who are both friends and family – dim sum, catch up, beer, laughs, food, jungle juice (thanks Coral!), music, crab dancing on the rooftop, conversation, laughs, human limbo contests, some more laughs, singing,  shouting, lotsa free late night pizza, beer, beer and then more beer, including the blueberry kind.

McCarren Pool Party on Sunday – it’s a somewhat deceiving name bc it’s a pool but all dried up and used as a venue space for bands, music, dodgeball court but there is a kick-ass SLIP ‘n SLIDE (hosted by JellyNYC) – it’s the BEST!

i think there’s another concert this Saturday, the last one before the city takes the park and transforms it back into a pool (which personally, i think would be pretty darn nasty, but hey ~ ~  ~)… but make it out for the last weekend of summer if you’ve got the inclination. all you need is a good attitude, bathing suit and some good friends to make it a killer day!

a total hipster park, i got mad at all the ladies who felt the urge to wear fringe knee-high boots with booty shorts and lil dresses. WHY do you need to wear BOOTs of any kind, much less with fringe… when everyone’s baking in the 85+ sun?! WHAT?! WHY?!

that, and some other fashion don’ts is what made the day laughably too hip… it hurt. unfortunately, we didn’t take any pics bc we were too busy watergun fighting and running over each other on the way to the inflatable slide but at least i can capture in words how AMAZING of a time we had.

oh, and i’ll totally vouch for dewar’s on ice with ginger beer. Yum! good idea V 🙂

sorry for missing the kickball game afterwards gang but i was poopered. hope the monsters won!

writing with love,

~ j

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