tonight i had to make  a decision that was meaningful to me professionally and personally.

after a long, unexpectedly stressful day of event execution – do i choose to commit to my team dinner or rush over to a toast for the launch of Girls in Tech NYC?

i’ve been a big supporter of the launch of GIT, and can confidently say i was a catalyst in its existence. i did all that i can to make it come alive… conversations started months ago and i share my love and passion of the ‘females in tech’ space with Jessica, Davina and all other founding members to make this a reality.

tonight i was kindly invited to make a toast to celebrate the launch, creation and effort around GIT NYC.

here’s the toast i was unable to give in person (it’s a haiku)

Girls in Tech NY

Born in an age of Web 2

Share your skills, make change


It was a difficult decision to make as i sat in traffic, running late, losing time.

i sat and thought: what a day! what have i learned?

earlier this AM I attended a workshop on online communities and during this workshop i was asked what is a group/time period of teamwork that i have experienced. so what came to mind was the amazing team i had to work with to make Web 2.0 Expo New York (and Europe) come alive.

I love my team. bc they teach me things. they help me grow every day. they make me better at what i do.

what do i do? i have NO IDEA (most times). but i know that i’m an entrepreneur, building a brand, establishing a marketplace, creating something exciting… and “working toward something awesome” (as my workshop team would say)

my take is that events like Expo are a once in a lifetime experience. an adult field trip that makes a random group of individuals come together at a certain time, in a certain place – all that is ir-replicable. i’ve said this before and i’ll continue to reiterate. conferences are a magical time. pls take advantage.

so tonight i wanted so badly to make a toast, to support a launch, to publicize my involvement.

but while sitting in the cab, running late to my staff dinner. i made a choice. that tonight, what was more important than launching Girls in Tech – was sharing with my team the launch of Web 2.0 Expo New York. an inaugural event that is making its mark in NY, amidst and above the financial crisis happening on Wall Street.

for 8 months we’ve been working like animals to make this event come alive. Operations meet Sales meet Program meet Marketing meet PR meet Community.

it’s no easy feat to make something this great LOOK and FEEL this great.

and tomorrow (rather, in a few hours) we kick off our first team-built NYC show.

and no matter the results (though they will be phenomenal) i’m grateful for the team that has helped pull it all together.

and in the process, helped me grow and become a better person, every day.

thank you TechWeb. thank you O’Reilly.

it’s been an amazing journey… and the road ahead is exciting.

let’s all kick ass.

and hopefully get some sleep.


~ janetti

hudson hotel, nyc

About janetti !

curious curious curious.
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