part I: social media adoption


i’ve been spending some serious time on a variety of social media tools to evaluate usage and relevance for my conferences. no woman is an island so i’m sharing my foundation-building journey here to get help, learn from others and hopefully bring value to folks who are trying to do the same thing as i am.

step 1: audit all of your brand’s current social media tools.

– where does your brand live online?

– who on your team is using them?

– how are they being used?

– how should they be used?

step 2: streamline & consolidate.

– develop a social media roadmap. brainstorming the tools you think have most relevance for the communities you serve. take into consideration the different content channels your brand/product has to offer.  (presentations, videos, pictures, blogs, etc.)

– eliminate the dead weight. discontinue all the tools/sites/pages that don’t bring you value based on the time it takes to keep them alive.

– keep in mind that too many avenues of ‘social networking’ can dilute your audience, at least in the beginning. less is more if you are trying to build a really robust online community because this takes time, energy and fresh content. if you’ve got limited man-power focus on a few tools/outlets that you can really own.

which takes us to…

step 3: integrate your tools.

develop a one-stop solution for social media updates, integrating mediums to make sharing of content simple and smart (i.e. time-effective).

~ ~ ~

currently, i’m wrapping up step 1 & 2 across 3 conference brands and my initial focus has been on building out Facebook as a hub.

today i’m going to play around with some recommended sites: twitterfeed, feedblitz, and tweetlater.

and i’m crowdsourcing intelligence from other community manager mentors & friends to guide me through step 3.

so on that note:

i’ve got 2 Facebook-related community manager questions that i’d love input on.

Q. For a brand, what’s your take on Group vs. Fan Pages?

Q. Is there any way to migrate fans from one page to another? i’m trying to consolidate fan pages but attrition sucks. ideas?


please reply to this post or find me on skype, chat, twitter as ‘janerri’
caveat: some of you reading this may say ‘duh’ but really, there are a lot of people who don’t know this stuff… and it’s way different doing it for yourself then for a large brand/product/company.

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