my vacation commute.

This morning I woke up in Houston, TX.
By 11 am I was on the runway, taking off for LaGuardia airport, NYC.
A short 2 hours and 40 minutes later my taxi was complete and the airplane parked at the gate.
Having arrived 23 minutes earlier than expected I decided to hop the M60 New York public bus into Manhattan.
Cutting across Queens via the Triboro Bridge.
A few stops later emerged on 125th Street and Lenox where I conveniently grabbed the local 2 train uptown.
Exit train, walk along the snow-covered sidewalks, and voila…
Just in time for dinner.

About janetti !

curious curious curious.
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One Response to my vacation commute.

  1. natalia says:

    your travel karma mirrors mine. we must have been good this year to be rewarded to nicely.
    love the snowflakes man. cool.

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