TweetDeck groups function

Ok, I really like the TweetDeck groups function but group set up is inefficient when you have to scroll and click to add through thousands of followers.

Did some digging to check that there wasn’t an updated solution I’m missing and found –
Dated 11/18/2008, it was the most recent review.

Someone suggested this:


and it’s #5 in the queue of requests.

I’d vote on it too except it’s making me log in via a UserVoice account and right now – that’s too much effort (been playing around with social media sites all day).

So I’m writing this post because I couldn’t say all this in less than 140 characters but know TwitterFeed will crawl my blog and get a URL up to share soon.

Ah, the beauty automating your social media…

My point? Oh yes, so if anyone has a good (secret) recommendation for creating groups on TweetDeck, please let me know.

Or please go vote for the drag & drop feature so we can all make use of it…

Customer Feedback for TweetDeck –

~ Janetti

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2 Responses to TweetDeck groups function

  1. Richard says:

    Hi there,
    It’s not quite a good as drag n drop, which will hopefully be coming soon, but you can add someone to a group from their profile page within TD> Click on their name in TD and it opens their profile. Follow the person (if you;re not already) then click the little “add to group” button next to the Unfollow button. There you can add them.
    I find this works quite well as I just add the people as they tweet – giving me the context i need to know which group to bung them in. 2 clicks and they are in a group.

  2. You can also add anyone to a group by clicking the + sign beside their name in any tweet. A popup opens with all your groups listed and you can add checkmarks to all of the ones you want to add the person to.

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