Phuket, Thailand

Dear friends and family,

For the past 6 days, I have had the pleasure of travelling with my wonderful mom Odette in the beach paradise that is Phuket in Thailand. After a sad goodbye to Rabih that I’m already missing like crazy, I met my mom at the Bangkok airport for our short, 1 hour flight to Phuket. Our hotel was located in an area called Ko Lak, which is nestled between the turquoise colored Andaman Sea and several lush tropical forests teeming with monkeys, elephants and waterfalls.

While we could have spent the entire time lounging on the beautiful beaches and soaking in the sun, Ko Lak was the perfect base for several days of adventure so we pretty much didn’t stop moving until today’s flight back to Bangkok and onward to Ho Chi Mihn City in Vietnam. We biked on country roads to visit waterfalls, did pilates on a secluded beach taught by a former male Moulin Rouge dancer, snorkeled around 3 of the 9 world famous Similan Islands, visited mangrove swamps by traditional pleat boat, and went sea canoeing in caves around the animal-shaped limestone mountains of Phang Nga Bay.

While the natural landscapes and wide range of activities here were impressive, I can safely say that Phuket’s beaches are no more impressive than Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana, for example. We truly are lucky in Montreal to be so close to such beautiful Carribean beaches. We were told that the beaches around the Andaman Sea used to be much whiter and softer but were destroyed by the tsunami, which is why there were so many rocks and seashells on the now beige-colored beaches.

We’re now at the Bangkok airport about to board our flight for Ho Chi Mihn City (aka Saigon). We’re both very excited to explore another country and taste what we heard is the best food in Asia. We even have a Vietnamese cooking class planned in just a few days!

Wishing you all a wonderful day and sending lots of sunshine your way!

xoxoxo Cristelle

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