me on ReadWriteWeb…

ReadWriteWeb is an established web industry publication / blog  and they just released premium reports for businesses.

I was asked to be an early reviewer and got quoted in the report and in their announcement. Very cool.

guideimage It’s hard not to get excited about this when I know how excited editor Marshall Kirkpatrick is about this launch!

And the reality is that there is so much interest in community-building for businesses that it’s the right time for this type of report to surface.

The first 75 pages are a collection of case studies and testimonials – and as Sameer Patel (Pretzel Logic) wrote in his blog post, one can struggle “with the idea of buying a premium report that was largely peppered with quotes from articles that I’ve read before…” but what Marshall has provided is an in-depth and intelligent collection of the most salient, relevant and helpful quotes – scoured from across the interwebs, and from those at the forefront of community management.

You can download a free sample section of the report here.

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One Response to me on ReadWriteWeb…

  1. Thanks Janetti! It was great to have your thoughts be part of the project. We really appreciate it.

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