What’s the relationship between the CTO, CIO and CPO?

Last week I was fortunate enough to listen to the recently appointed Chief Technology Officer of the United States Aneesh Chopra present to a fairly intimate crowd of Silicon Valley-ers (when you produce events for thousands of people at a time, a few hundred is actually very intimate).

He said a bunch of interesting things about the wave of change that’s happening in the White House to embrace technology, innovation and – as President Obama promised – change.

I’m no reporter – and if I was I’d be way late on this ‘news’ – but there’s a great in-depth post on TechCrunch about his talk and you can listen to the podcast on ZDNet.

What I wanted to share from my notes on the evening is the breakdown of the new White House roles that were instituted this year:

Who’s in charge of what in the White House?

Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra wear’s a dual hat as both an Advisor to the President as well as the Associate Director of the Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP), which provides guidance on the $150 billion R&D budget.

Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra is the Administrator of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) – a vehicle to direct, rein in and better manage the President’s $76 billion annual spend budget as it relates to e-government and information technology.

Chief Performance Officer Jeffrey Zients also holds a role within the OMB to establish outcome goals and metrics for the investments made.

These three are partners to establish and monitor the framework for government reform and spend on all matters related to technology policy.

The event was sponsored by the Churchill Club (a non-profit business and technology forum) and took place at the Computer History Museum – “a museum dedicated to artifacts and stories about the Information Age.”

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3 Responses to What’s the relationship between the CTO, CIO and CPO?

  1. As a CTO myself (a bit less known to the public) I’ve always tried to define and redefine my role in our small but ever-growing company (from 25 to 250 for now), we have now defined two CTO roles: one (Strategy and Solutions – the evangelist) that looks outside of the company and one (architecture and technology) that looks more inside.
    Unfortunately in Italy our government and especially his clownish prime minister is too busy with other stuff to be able to implement or event think about such strategic tasks…

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