My friend Doug.

One of the best people I know. Stayed in NY after college and did the financial grind (although he was born an artist). For years I’d call his office at 10pm to find him, well, still there.

So it was a lovely start to my morning to receive this note – explaining life after quitting and the beauty of the journey –

… I’ve done some interesting things in the meantime. I’ve been going to weekly improv comedy practices. I’m doing freelance illustrations for … web-based projects. I volunteered at a MathCounts competition, grading tests for middle school mathletes. I went to a taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and forced myself on TV. The other day I got recruited to fly down to Miami to deliver a hard drive for a T-Pain / Young Jeezy music video shoot and then had to fly right back to New York (13 hour trip there and back). Good times!

This weekend I am heading down to DC to see Ryan one last time. Then, Houston for two weeks to look after the restaurant while my parents finally go on vacation together (to Vancouver). Then I move in with my sister, so I can help her out when she gives birth to her second son in May… Peru for 10 days, which includes a 4 day hike to Machu Picchu.

Then on 5/29, I leave New York forever (forever?!).

I will be volunteering at a refugee camp in Kenya for the month of June, can hopefully squeeze in a safari. Next, Southeast Asia: Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. It’ll be nice to see Johnny again.

Finally, in August, I move to Australia somewere… I already got my work visa, so all I need is to find some remedial job on a beach resort. Haha.

DOUGGGGG! I am so so happy for you and utterly inspired.

Write some good stuff for us along the way, ok?

Friends, if you know of any remedial jobs in Australia for Doug, let him know!

Oh, exciting times.

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