Classic LEGO toy blocks teach kids about renewable energy

“… there is a real and increasingly desperate need for new renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuels and other highly polluting forms of power. We may not see a successful and efficient solution in our life time, but our children or their children have a good chance at developing the right technologies…

Lego has come up with a great new product that uses Lego building sets combined with a renewable energy add-on set they will be able to investigate 3 types of energy sources; wind, water and solar energy. These kits have been designed to aid science teachers by giving their lessons a bit of a fun edge, but they will also be available to the general public with the goal of educating our youth.

To find out more about these innovative LEGO kits and how to get your hands on one for you and your kids check out LEGO.”

Source: Victor Cabellero’s blog

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