Web2Open full coverage

Thanks for all who participated in Web2Open this week!!

Web2Open is Web 2.0 Expo’s unconference—a free, community-driven event where you can connect with other participants to discuss Web 2.0 topics and questions. As an unconference , Web2Open lets attendees create sessions using an onsite grid , and it emphasizes participation and conversation over presentations.

Here’s a recap of 2010:

Final Schedule – http://bit.ly/OpenSchedule2010

Wiki Frontpage – http://bit.ly/OpenWiki2010

Session Descriptions – http://bit.ly/OpenSessions2010

Volunteers Who Rock!

  • @kathleen_park
  • @paulbeusterien
  • @nickmueller
  • @bolo_bao
  • @unclebumpy
  • @desireejh
  • @tedlouie
  • @Ixmati
  • @aihui
  • Mark Dyhr
  • Martin Dragomirecky

Speakers who are amazing!

@vanessacamones . founder . @theMIXagency

@theMaria . dir of social media . @attensity

@peterlubbers . html5 expert . @kaazing

@shaherose . mobile trendsetter . founder . @women2

@benhuh . LOLking . @jamiew . know your meme

@marcnager @peignoir . directors . @startupweekend.org

@delynator . dir of developer relations . @mashery (and her merry band of API panelists: @LinkedInDev @ippdev @netflixapi @trulia @mansilladev)

@macala . founder . fashionista . @FashMarketing

and all Web2Open community members who led sessions!! Thank you for your ideas and enthusiasm.

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