For the love of fruit!

I’m leaving Montreal tomorrow morning after a summer of work and play in the European capital of North America. So I took a mid-day jaunt over to Jean Talon Marche to pick up some farm-fresh fruit for my final (ladies only) weekend trip to Mont Tremblant. Amazing, eh?

Along with the peaches, kiwi, mangoes, bananas, and apples… I picked up some mint, parsley, and basil for a delicious Italian salsa verde I’ll make to go with mid-day baguette and cheese snacking.

I took cooking classes this summer with a wonderful young chef – Danielle Garonce – who did for me and cooking what Tantek Celik did for me and HTML… got me over the fear of it and made me realize I ain’t so bad at it. Set your heart and mind to anything, I believe we can conquer!

Danielle (dear kitchen goddess) and I only had a handful of classes but she showed me basic techniques that will benefit me (and my dinner partners) a lifetime.

(um, these photos are just mostly for me to remember some stuff)

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One Response to For the love of fruit!

  1. clarify says:

    thanks in advance for cooking for me. 🙂

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