eMarketer article: How Affluents Use Mobile for Shopping and Buying

M-Commerce Usage, March 2010 (% of US affluent* vs. ultra-affluent** mobile device users)…affluents may be taking the lead in shopping and buying via mobile… Based on a report from The Luxury Institute, affluent and ultra-affluent mobile users are more likely to make purchases from their mobile devices. One in five respondents with incomes of at least $150,000 said they did so at least rarely, and among users with net worth of at least $5 million m-commerce was even more popular.

Call me dumb but I don’t see how “at least rarely” contributes to affluents taking the lead in m-commerce… this one’s a stretch eMarketer.

And then there’s this

Charities’ usage of social media showed many of the same trends as that of US companies, but with adoption faster and more widespread. Charities took heavily to video blogging in 2008 before slowing down in 2009; the Inc. 500 did the same, to a lesser extent. And charities flooded to social networking sites and Twitter even more quickly than corporate marketers.

But those are just straight numbers. Shouldn’t we consider that non-profits are likely to embrace platforms that are free or low-cost vs. corporations who’ve got large budgets for marketing and product outreach? Today, this lack of analysis in the facts is clearly irritating.

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