Seattle recs from a foodie!

I’m not there now but preparing for my next visit:

happy hour:

  • elliott’s oyster house- this is a fab deal, oyster of the day for only 50cents starting at 3pm! it progessively gets more expensive every 30 mins so try to go at 3p. close to pike’s market on the water. only works on weekdays tho, so try for friday or monday.
  • umi sushi and sake bar- a great place to get late night sushi (they have reverse happy hour, 9pm – midnight). order a shot called yeah buddy! deliciously dangerous.

only open for lunch:

  • salumi- mario batali’s dad’s salumeterria. only open tues-fri from like 11am to 2pm. long lines, so i’d try to get there right at 11. porchetta sandwich is amazing. they’ll let you try any of the meats if you can’t decide.


  • glo’s- love their benedicts (californian is superb)
  • portage bay cafe- local, fresh ingredients and always popular
  • coastal kitchen- themed ethnic menu that changes monthly plus regular brunch items that are solid

casual joints:

  • paseo- cuban sandwich shop! SO yummy.
  • lunchbox laboratory- it’s this small burger place, but you can get awesome top quality meat and tons of fancy toppings. heart cloggingly good! shakes are fab and the fries/tater tots can be sprinkled with seasoned salt.
  • pike’s grill- this place is inside the pike’s market when you’re walking down, directly across from a seafood store. their clam chowder is the best in seattle!
  • beecher’s- fabulous mac and cheese, plus their grilled sandwich is so yum.
  • purple dot- chinese/hk cafe that’s obligatory for post clubbing. the baked spaghetti here with meat sauce is laced with crack. awesome chicken wings and fried tofu.
  • quinn- a favorite. gastronomy pub place. bone marrow to die for, foie gras, tons of interesting twist on pub foods! plus they have TONS of awesome belgian beers.
  • grab a seattle style hotdog from any street vendor at night (normally post clubbing)- it’s got cream cheese! and as a condiment you can put on sriracha. how cool is that!

fancy restaurants:

  • mistral- tasting menu that’s totally worth the price. high quality ingredients, excellent service and wine. try to get the jewel box.
  • spring hill- you’d need a car to get here as opposed to taking a cab, but the food is so worth it. everything super fresh and prepared so well.
  • olivar- great plates to share, cute little dinner place and it’s actually not too expensive. all dishes are under $20 i believe.
  • tavolata- fresh handmade pasta and yummy sides. if they have the pork chop, get it! it’s thick and good.
  • la spiga- another favorite italian place with fresh made pasta.


  • molly moon’s ice cream
  • top pot donuts
  • beard papa is in international district, by a japanese supermarket called uwajimaya
  • victrola has great coffee

must do:

  • drink a cup of coffee from cafe vita and watch the sunset at kerry park. amazing view of seattle from there! it’s in queen anne neighborhood.

THANKS @seoxcookie @choiclara !

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