The Points of Control Map: Now an Acquisition Game – Check It Out

We recently launched a new feature on our popular Points of Control, the Map Acquisition Mode. Add your favorite company as a target for acquisition by one of the major players in the network economy, and see who else is being added — and debated — in real time.

Pose your acquisition smackdown by suggesting which takeovers — hostile or friendly — you’d most like to see.

Should Apple grab up a social network to make Ping all that it’s promising? Do you still think Google will buy Twitter?

Other map features:

• Territory Mode – click on company icons to view the history and significance of each company.

• Movements – see which directions the major players are headed.

• Comments – make your own observations and suggestions — right on the map. We listen to your feedback and make corrections based on the collective knowledge of this community.

• Vote – support good ideas and voice your opinion about the bad ones.

Points of Control Map

Now Get Talking! Bring the conversation to Twitter using the #w2smap hashtag, or post directly to Twitter and Facebook from the map. The Web 2.0 battle rages on, so let’s explore, expand, and explain what your predictions are.

(Cross-posted from Web 2.0 Summit Blog & Searchblog)

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