How to code HTML without ever coding HTML, using @WordPress

I work on a weekly newsletter that uses iContact for distribution. I start by creating a doc full of hyperlinks and then typically copy and paste from Word, where the formatting gets stripped but hyperlinks stay intact (vs. using a .txt file, where everything gets stripped and I have to do the work twice).

I was instructed that iContact required Internet Explorer to work, but now that I’ve (finally) switched over to a Mac, that’s no longer an option (unless I do some weird virtualization where I run Windows within my Mac, which sounds awfully complicated for a simple weekly newsletter project).

So my dilemma: the only way I can get my beautifully hyperlinked newsletter out on Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla… it requires an HTML-formatted document.

Well. Here’s the trick for us non-coders.

1. Copy and paste Word doc into WordPress visual.

2. Preview blog post, and ‘View Source’.

3. Find entry point and copy and paste.

Simply, yet still annoying. But this lesson has given me a new tool in my toolkit, powered by the very amazing WordPress.


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