the rise of “social media”

Reposting from the idealistblog

Is “social media” on your resume?

Julia Smith from Idealist and colleague Jeremy recently ran a little test to see how frequently “social media” appears in job postings on their site. Here’s how many listings have included the phrase over the last several years:
  • 2007: 25 jobs, o.01 percent.
  • 2008: 125 jobs, 0.27 percent.
  • 2009: 507 jobs, 1.67 percent.
  • 2010: 2,115 jobs, 4.98 percent.
  • And in 2011 so far, 3,467 jobs, or 7.7 percent of all jobs posted this year.

I got hired in 2008 and ‘social media’ was MOST definitely part of my job. Proud to have scored one of 125 career opps out there. 2008 was a dream year as a technology community manager. Ya know, until about October when the entire economic universe crashed. Win some, lose some. 😉

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