who is janetti?

In 2008, after international sojourns through finance, marketing, and journalism school, Janetti Chon put her skills, experience and wish list into an intensely thought out letter, posted it to a secret society of online superheroes, and signed the dotted line on a contract that entered her into the World Wide Web 2.0.

Today, I orchestrate online and offline community interactions. I bring to life industry-shaping conferences and events. I am a producer, writer, scout, relationship manager.

I am a culture junkie; a curiosity-seeker. And I travel. A lot.

Based between Nob Hill, San Francisco and Bronx, New York. You can best find me online.

3 Responses to who is janetti?

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  2. hi janerri,
    Nice Blogging, keep it up.

  3. Joy says:

    Great meeting you and ya sistah the other night!

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